AD #2029 – GM Bullish on Diesels, BMW’s Head of Design Leaves Company, Mustang Puts the Top Down

published 2 years ago by John McElroy

- The Dark Side of Leasing - Ford to Test Plug-in Transits in London - Mustang Puts the Top Down - Bye-Bye Bernie - BMW’s Head of Design Leaves Company - Delphi’s Owens Retires - GM Bullish on Diesels - Are Chinese Cars on the Horizon?

On today's show General Motors is pushing hard to boost sales of diesels burning Ackles down could be out of Formula 1 this week will boom and a glut of leased cars could cripple residuals on that mark coming right up on moneyline daily. This is not allowing daily the show for those interested in all aspects of the automotive industry. Automakers in the American market face a glut of used vehicles coming off lease. JD power reports that 3.3000000 vehicles will come off lease this year which could her car companies lenders and leasing companies. And here's the problem leasing used to be for luxury cars today it's used all across the market and so many cars are coming off lease at the same time that they're bringing down prices for used cars. Those lower residuals could result in my ...

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