3 Tips for Home Selling Success in 2017

published 2 years ago by Mike Beacom

If you're thinking about selling your house in 2017, I have three tips that will help you update it easily and inexpensively to sell faster and for more money. Want to sell your home? Get a FREE home value reportWant to buy a home? Search all homes for saleAre you a homeowner thinking of selling your house in 2017? I have three ideas for New Year's resolutions for you that I wanted to share that will help your home sale.These will help you get your home in position to sell successfully in the next few weeks or months. Even if you don't plan on selling, your home will be better off thanks to these three things:Painting. It's an easy and affordable way to increase the character of your home on the inside. According to Inman News—a real estate news service—the popular colors that buyers want to see this year are beiges, grays, taupes, reds, and even some greens. There's even a color of the year called 'greenery' that you can find at your local paint store. Painting is an easy and affordable way to update the character of your interior.Declutter. The holidays are over and now is a great time to get some things out of the house now that you've brought in some new things. Start by getting a few boxes and cleaning room by room or even just certain parts of the house. If you donate things you don't need anymore to the Goodwill or to friends and neighbors, your rooms will look both better and larger. This is a great thing for buyers to see.Update hardware and fixtures in your home. This is another easy thing you can do over time. Hardware would include cabinet pulls and handles, for example, and fixtures include things like ceiling fans and light fixtures. If you feel it's old and dated (or doesn’t match), it's a great time to consolidate the look of everything in your house. Replace outdated fixtures and hardware like gold and brass with modern touches and make sure they all match and flow throughout the house with common design features. These upgrades are all both easy affordable. When you end up selling your home, it will look great thanks to updated paint and fixtures, and it will look larger thanks to the decluttering. If you have any other questions or you're looking to buy or sell a home in the Omaha market, give me a call or send me an email. I would be happy to help you!

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