Ghost of Predictions Past | LAS 453

published 4 years ago by Jupiter Broadcasting

We own up to our top 14 predictions for 2016, discuss a major software update, start to discuss building a bulletproof Linux install & more!

Exaction show is created by Jupiter broadcasting it's sponsored by tango to last save off your first device or plan and DigitalOcean go to and use the promo code here's the thing all one word like your slur in it it's going to be on the next break for free and clinics academy go to links slash unplugged and invest in your mind while saving some money welcome to live exactions episode 453 my name is Chris. My name is Noah well hello there no I guess what we have ourselves. Well I show is gonna be rough for Chris is going to be pretty good for Noah and rougher Chris we're gonna own up to our 2016 predictions play back what we thought was gonna happen and own up to how it went you guys ask for it we think you said yes so okay we're gonna do it unfortunately but in the new site or talk about some good news for steam some important stuff for open E. M. are interesting things about where android apps are gonna be running soon and all kinds of stuff plus we have come ...

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