AD #2027 – CARB Fires a Warning Shot, European Sales Hit 9-Year High, Reconfiguring Interiors for Autonomy

published 4 years ago by John McElroy

- CARB Could Fight Trump Administration - VW Forms EV Joint Venture in China - Ford Says Big Shift Toward Electrics Coming - Dodge Demon to Drop 200 lbs. From Hellcat - Coker Reproduces Classic Muscle Car Tires - European Sales Hit 9-Year High - Yanfeng Develops Reconfigurable Interior for Autonomy

And today show a big fight is brewing between California and the trump administration and it's all over emissions car sales in Europe reach a 9 year high and how current year years can be reconfigured for autonomous driving on that more coming right up. On a line to. Zahn align daily the shell for enthusiasts of the automotive industry. All this could turn into a battle royale. The California air resources board says if the trumpet ministration substantially changes the mandate for electric vehicles. It may no longer coordinate its activities with the environmental protection agency the card says it will move to aggressively increase its mandate for 0 emission vehicles after 2025. It also says that automakers should not get more zev credits for selling plug in hybrid ...

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