Cavuto: How does it feel to be dismissed, CNN?

published 2 years ago by FOX News Channel

Talking truth to power can be unsettling

Or a cat are not organization that can you give us a clear organization or talking or news organization. You get a chance. Sure. They. Present like go ahead you state categorically question the person like can you give us a mountaineering locking us. Give us a question don't be rude not to let anyone get in I'm not gonna give you a question you stay cattle you are big news circa having you. How. How old are going down CNN how does it feel to be this semester worse ignored. How does it feel when your feelings are hurt when your reporters are singled out and you're treated unfairly and unkindly even rudely. What is it like not to be like. It's not really fun is that it is not fun when you think you're doing your job and the guy you're covering things you or the piece of work. It's insulting isn't being called on the carpet by the next leader of the free world after years of giving the breadth of one all but a free pass. You can't figure out suddenly ...

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