Rowan Blanchard, Why Disney Cancelled Girl Meets World & Andi Mack, Forever Boys & Raven Info

published 2 years ago by Piper Reese

HoLy PiPeRoNi! Girl Meets World Cancelled by Disney Channel? What!? We’ve got info: what Disney may be thinking; the new shows on the way; and 2 of our unreleased interviews with ROWAN BLANCHARD! Seriously! Somehow, TeamPiper had not one, but two interviews stashed away with me talking to Rowan about Girl Meets World (aka El Mundo de Riley), her cast and more from before the show launched! So, Let’s talk, guys! First, this episode gets into some reasons why Disney might have for canceling Girl Meets World. (Could it have something to do with Andi Mack f.k.a. Andiland, Forever Boys and Raven!?) How long does a series get before cancellation on Disney versus the Networks and other cable stations? Gotchya covered. Moving on, I’ll get into how I first met Rowan and Sabrina Carpenter. A lot of you have asked about it over the years. You guys saw the first time I met Rowan, but there’s more to fill in! (We actually ended up at the same school for a while between Spy Kids 4 and #GMW.) We went back into the Piper’s Picks archives and saw that Sabrina had reached out to us all the way back in 2011 around the time working on her video for “Fall Apart.” Lots of stuff to cover here guyz! Check it out!

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