AD #2023 – Heads Roll at Volkswagen, Kia’s New Stinger Stuns, Full-Size Truck Hits Nearly 40MPG with Achates Engine

published 4 years ago by John McElroy

- Heads Start to Roll at Volkswagen - Dodge to Resurrect the Demon - Kia’s New Stinger Stuns Detroit - Full-Size Truck Hits Nearly 40MPG w/ Achates Engine - More Ford Vehicles to Get the GT’s Digital Cluster

On today's show head start to roulette Volkswagen as juicy new details emerge about its diesel cheating tia shocks the world and comes out with a true sports car. In one company says full size trucks. 40. With the tangent. All that and more coming right up. Online DVD. This is not a lie daily the show for all you enthusiasts of the automotive industry. While V. W. may have settled its criminal charges for deliberately defrauding the U. S. government but the investigation into individuals who played a role in the cheating are still open and it's not too surprising when you hear these juicy new details. Get this. Executives approved a script for employees to follow when they were questioned by regulators. Documents related to U. S. emissions were deleted by exactly ...

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