Yellow Journalism | Unfilter 221

published 3 years ago by Jupiter Broadcasting

The latest intelligence leak blasts Trump in the face for being in the bag for Russia. But the sources are weaker and trollier than ever. We’ll explain. Plus Putin’s 3rd dimensional design deconstructed in a packed Overtime.

This is unfiltered episode 221 for 1/11/2017 circa has served twice today quietness present like go ahead you say can't work in question the person like can you give us that don't appear in writing us can you give us a question don't be regarded as a question I'm not going to give you a question you stakeout of you are saying news circa and you state categorically that nobody. Everyone will come good filter cheaper broadcasting's weekly show about the news you should be watching I'm chasers Chris over their run in the board this week a caress al about it now know Chris I know we have a lot to talk about of course we have the site ...

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