Leo Laporte - The Tech Guy: 1550

published 2 months ago

What antenna to get if you want to get rid of cable TV, resolving an issue with Microsoft Outlook not showing all email, new things you can do with Amazon Echo, how secure Android really is, using a smartphone as a primary computer, why a DVD player is only showing black and white, improving Wi-Fi signal, why a printer won't print, Johnny Jet talks about one of the most exclusive lounges at LAX, and Chris Marquardt talks about how good smartphone cameras are getting. Host: Leo Laporte Guests: Johnny Jet and Chris Marquardt Download or subscribe to this show at . For detailed show notes, visit techguylabs.com. Sponsors: curiositystream.com/twit offer code: TWIT brex.com/twit RocketMortgage.com/TechGuy

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