Mac's Exodus of 2017 | LAS 451

published 4 years ago by Jupiter Broadcasting

What’s happening in 2017, before it happens. It’s our annual predictions episode, Chris & Noah surprise each other with their futurecasting. Plus why Ubuntu Phone is going on a hiatus of sorts, Neon puts KDE in a Container & much more!

Exaction show is created by Jupiter broadcasting it's sponsored by tango to last save off your first device or plan and DigitalOcean go to and use the promo code here's the thing all one word like your slur in it it's going to be on the next break for free and clinics academy go to links slash unplugged and invest in your mind while saving some money welcome let exact show episode 451 my name is Chris. My name is Ella hello Noah and happy 2017 still to you I kind of feel like it's still time to celebrate in fact we're gonna celebrate the heck out of it this is our actual official predictions episode we're gonna tell you what's coming up in 2017 so if you don't want to do if you just want to go to an island and not worry about the news for the rest of the year this is the only show you have to watch in this actual episode we're gonna tell you everything that's gonna happen for the rest of the year but that's coming up later on in the show first we're gonna give you our picks and in the new ...

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