AD #2018 – Automakers Set Sales Record in 2016, BMW Sculpts Future Interior, Local Motors’ Unique Development Process

published 2 years ago by John McElroy

- Hyundai’s Smart House Concept - BMW’s i Inside Future Sculpture - Toyota Creates AI Presence for Cars - Local Motors Develops Through Crowd-Sourcing - Automakers Set Sales Record in 2016

On today's show auto makers set a new sales record in the U. S. last year look at local motors you. Development process and some of the highlights so far from this year. Zoomer electronic show on that more coming right up. Online daily. This is not a line daily the show for enthusiasts of the automotive industry. You know we're starting to see a reoccurring theme at this year's Consumer Electronics Show like the last few years automakers are showing autonomous concepts. But they're much more focused on interiors and how people will interact within them. And some concepts were seeing are not what I call cars it all the more like sculptures wrapped around an interior packed this one from Hyundai is more like furniture. The smart house concept aims to blur the lines between house working car ...

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