AD #2016 – Chrysler Unveils Autonomous EV Concept, Trump Lays Aim on GM, Ford Assembly Historical Tour

published 2 years ago by John McElroy

- Chrysler Unveils Portal Concept - JLR Defends Defender Name - Trump Slams GM for Manufacturing in Mexico - VW Launches Personalization App - New EV Startup Shows 1st Vehicle - Ford Assembly 100 Years Ago

On today's show Chrysler drops a bombshell of a concept car at C. E. asks Donald Trump invites Mary bar to be one of his advisors then slaps her in the face and a matter. King. And we take you. You call historical tour. Sharman second Wayback machine. 100 years ago. All that and more coming right up on online daily. This is online daily the show for enthusiasts of the automotive industry. FCA just unveiled a fascinating concept car at C. E. ask called the Chrysler portal it's a 6 passenger battery electric with a 100 kilowatt hour battery pack and a driving range greater than 250 miles. The Chrysler says with a 350 kilowatt DC fast charger you can get 150 miles of range in only 20 minutes. The portal is a from ...

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