AD #2015 – EV Residuals Stink, Diesel Scandal Boosts Hybrid Sales, U.S. at Record Export Level

published 2 years ago by John McElroy

- Diesel Scandal Boosts Hybrid Sales - Infiniti QX50 Boasts Autonomy, Variable Compression - EV Residuals Stink - CES-Related Tech Announcements - Toyota Tech Reduces Accidents - U.S. at Record Export Level - Why Chevy Bolt Can Win Car of the Year

On today's show Volkswagen's diesel scandal is turning into a gold mine for Toyota hybrids in Europe. We get a peek at infinity Scott. Car that will debut at the Detroit Auto Show. And the resale value of electric cars. And it's. Can get. All that and more coming right up. Online dating. Hello and welcome to 2017 happy new year to everybody this is online daily the show for those of us who consider the automotive industry to be the most important and a street in the world. Thanks to Volkswagen's diesel scandal Toyotas bad on hybrids is really paying off in Europe Bloomberg reports that Toyota's hybrid sales in the region were close to 40 percent of all it's a. In 2016. They're becoming so popular that Toyota expects that hybrids will account for more than half of its sales in Europe by the end of the decade ...

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