ScienceCast 236: New Year's Fireworks from a Shattered Comet

published 4 years ago

Years fireworks from a shattered comet presented by science at NASA. 2017 is beginning with fireworks no. Not those fireworks. We're talking about a light show from shattered comet 2003 E. H. one. According to the international media organization and other forecasters. Earth will pass through a stream of debris from the comet on 1/3/2017. Producing a shower of media or is known as the court drawn to its. The court wanted meteor shower is one of the most intense annual meteor showers. Typically producing maybe yours at a rate of more than 100 per hour from a point in the sky near the north star also known as the showers radiant. The 2017 quid trente it's are expected to peak around 1400 universal ...

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