Pages From the Civil War: Historical Fiction Author Mark Barie on the Hangin With Web Show

published 1 month ago by G.W. Pomichter

WATCH the Hangin With Web Show on Youtube & SUBSCRIBE! #Comment #Like #Subscribe Host and Award Winning Author & Journalist GW Pomichter interviews Historical Fiction Author Mark Barie during Authors in a Box in Vero Florida. Mark Barie is a native of upstate New York, retired after 35 years as a self-employed Management Consultant to corporations, local governments, and non-profit organizations in New York, Vermont, and Canada. He has served as the Keynote Speaker, Panelist, Moderator, or Presenter at more than 250 seminars, workshops, or trade shows, as a recognized expert on the subjects of Economic Development, US immigration procedures, Commercial Real Estate, Strategic Planning, and International Marketing.  Mark earned his Master’s degree in Business from St Michaels College in Vermont and a Certificate in Advanced Management Studies from McGill College in Montreal. In his spare time, Mark has authored four local history books, two in collaboration with his wife, including two biographies, a history of the US-Canadian Border, and a history of Champlain, New York. He has been actively involved in a variety of civic and business organizations including the American Red Cross, the Big Brother-Big Sister group, the United Way, the American Cancer Society, and a host of church, school, and college organizations. Mark Barie On The Web: Web: Amazon: GoodReads: FaceBook: Twitter: YouTube: Like and Comment on videos and interviews. Submit your own questions for the next webisodes! The Hangin With Web Show is the internet's best web talk show series. While attending a writers conference, we noticed that many of the independent authors had never received any media attention. After many conversations, he discovered this was true of artists, indie filmmakers, and event YouTube creators. As a former newspaper reporter, G.W. Pomichter had conducted hundreds of professional interviews and decided at the event to interview these terrific, talented creators. Our mission is to provide comfortable, professional and informative media coverage to members of the arts and entertainment community and distribute these to the world wide web to assist in sharing new creative works with a global internet audience. Find us on the web: On IMDB (Internet Movie Data Base) G.W. Pomichter on IMDB: Help us support these amazing and talented artists and businesses! Check out our partners: Embellish FX Orlando: Pound The Grape: Some'N Unique Magazine: Famous Faces and Funnies: Space Coast Comixx: Krypton Radio: Off The Chain Radio: Arcane Pacific Entertainment: You, as a viewer are an important part of this mission! Please stay, subscribe and view, comment and share these interviews with our writers, artists, and creators!

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