England and Wales

published 3 years ago by Rick Steves

In this travel talk, Rick Steves explores the cultural hubs of London, Bath, and York; as well as the rural charms of the Cotswolds and Lake District; the historical thrills of places like Canterbury, Dover, and Warwick; and the rugged beauty of North Wales.

Hello. Yeah yeah yeah. Thank you. Thank you for joining us. No. I'm Rick Steves and I've spent 4.Muncie year every year for the last 30 years running on your making mistakes taking careful notes and hope that you can learn from my mistakes rather than your own in trouble smoother and smarter and right now I wanna take you to Britain okay we're gonna go to England and we're gonna go to Wales and I just want to share with you the best tips I can imagine to get the most out of that beautiful and exciting corner of Europe so thank you for joining us in person and if you're watching online thank you for being with us via the internet. you know you're going that thinking dreaming about Europe the first place to go really is Britain that's just your starting spot point for European exploration and I just love flying into London ...

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