AD #2006 – FCA 1st w/ Google’s Tech? GM Competition to Develop Autonomous Engineers, Nissan Restores Iconic Rally Car

published 2 years ago by John McElroy

- FCA to Show Autonomous Pacifica w/ Google’s Tech? - GM and SAE Challenge College Students on Autonomy - Incentives Drive Down Used Car Prices - Nissan Restores Iconic Rally Car - Audi Expands On Demand Services - OTA Updates for Commercial Vehicles

On today's show what this SCA really have up its sleeve to announce its seat yes GM is starting a competition to develop engineers with autonomous experience. And Nissan restores and iconic race car on that more coming right up. I'm David. Zahn align daily that show for enthusiasts of the automotive industry. Fiat Chrysler stirred up something of a fire storm in Detroit when it announced it will not be holding any press conferences at the Detroit Auto Show next month it will make a big announcement at sea yes instead. Bloomberg reports that FCA will unveil an all electric pacifica which we also reported yesterday what we think there's more to it than that. And here's our Ottoline insight. Stuffing a bunch of batteries into a pacifica is not the kind ...

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