AD #2005 – Chrysler to Reveal Pacifica EV at CES, Aston Recreates Classic DB4 GT, VW Lays Out EV Infrastructure Plan

published 2 years ago by John McElroy

- Denso Tests Car Sharing - Michigan Enacts Self-Driving Laws - NVIDIA Tests Autonomous Technology - Aston Recreates Classic DB4 GT - VW Lays Out EV Infrastructure Plan - Chrysler to Reveal Pacifica EV at CES - Henry Ford’s Secret Innovation Room

On today's show Michigan and California fight to be the leaders and autonomy reports are swirling that FCA will show off a fully electric version of the pacifica and we take you back in time to Henry Ford's secret innovation room on that mark coming right up on moneyline daily. This is not a line daily that show for enthusiasts of the automotive industry. Automakers think mobility services represent a whole new business for them to get into we see a chance to make big money and that's why we're seeing so much activity in this field now Japanese supplier Denso is the latest to jump into that market. It just launched a car sharing program for students at the university of Michigan Dearborn. 30 students will be allowed to access a set of 3 Ford focus electric cars they will reserve a ride via an app ...

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