The Forecast 2017

published 3 years ago by Monocle

While 2016 might not have been up to scratch, there are plenty of reasons to be positive about 2017 and beyond – and you can find out why in the latest edition of The Forecast. Our annual survey covers business, design, culture and more, with a focus on fresh stories and inspiring photography. Come and enjoy the view. Available now at [The Monocle Shop]( .

Mmhm. Okay so 2016 wasn't the greatest of years but don't worry there are plenty of reasons why 2017 will be better and we packed lots of them into more than 250 pages of the new edition of the monocle full cost. Is the magazine of those who want to look over the horizon spoke to new opportunities the new year will bring for the rising global powers to keep an eye on the startups to invest in and the cities you want to go home packed with opinions and wits with ideas and provocations and guarantee the talking all the way through 2070 the monocle forecast by a copy today and that was happening tomorrow ...

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