AD #2003 – Bolt Could Lose 40% of Battery Capacity, Wireless Charging for Buses, Ranking OEMs by R and D Spending

published 2 years ago by John McElroy

- Bolt Could Lose 40% Battery Capacity Over Warranty Period - Scania Testing Wireless Charging for Buses - Ford’s Automatic Return to Park Feature - Ranking OEMs by R and D Spending - You Said It!

I'm today shall I owe the driving range of the Chevy bowl Eevee could drop dramatically over time scrawny attached wireless charging with bosses and will show you which ought to maker spend the most money. I'm research. All that and more coming right up. Online daily. This is a modeling daily the show for in those yes. Of the automotive industry. All of us with smartphones and laptops know that the batteries degrade over time. Same is true for electric vehicles just ask some Nissan leaf and tells lot owners. To make sure that owners are aware of this issue Chevrolet put a note in the owner's manual of the new book E. V. that says the battery could lose 10 percent to 40 percent of its capacity over the 8 year warranty of the car. That 40 percent would bring the Edie's range down ...

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