AD #2002 – Paris Bans Half of All Cars, Dodge Introduces AWD Challenger, Lexus Loves LEDs

published 3 years ago by John McElroy

- Paris Bans Half of All Cars - Minivan Segment Slowdown - The Power of Pistons - Dodge Introduces AWD Challenger - Lexus Loves LEDs - Opel’s New Insignia

On today's show dives becomes the first 2 quick a muscle car with all wheel drive Paris bands half of all cars from driving in the city in many bands sales hit the skids on that more coming right up on online daily. Satellite daily they show for enthusiasts of the automotive industry. We often talk about poor air quality in China but there are problems in Europe as well in response to a week of red alert levels of pollution Paris temporarily banned half of all cars from driving on city streets. Officials blamed weather conditions. Heavy use of diesel fuel for the spike in pollution. Only cars with even license plate numbers were allowed to drive in the city yesterday and public transportation is free for the day. To put this pollution in perspective we checked out the air ...

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