Spectacular whale migration, coconut crabs & an unexpected pangolin encounter

published 4 years ago by Earth Touch

An unexpected visitor appears at a University in Singapore, outrage over a frozen-fish skating rink in Japan, spectacular drone footage of a whale migration, and a terrifying encounter with one of Africa’s deadliest animals.

This week's episode an unexpected visitor appears at a university in Singapore outrage over frozen fish ice rink in Japan is spectacular well migration and a terrifying encounter with one of Africa's deadliest animals starting in Japan where a bid to attract customers to a new amusement park sparked public outrage instead space world on the island of Kyushu recently opened an ice skating rink that featured around 5000 fish and other marine life frozen beneath the surface instead of enjoying the new partisan tended those potential customers are now calling out the park for animal cruelty drink has been closed in the company has announced plans to hold a memorial service for the fish Egyptian parliament has outlined an economic plan this week that would involve breeding Nile crocodiles exclusively for the purpose of selling in order to boost the country's weak economy and increase falling export numbers lake Nasser is the proposed breeding site which currently houses an estimated 3000 ...

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