AD #2000 – Cadillac Skips Full Autonomy, Barra Selected to Advise Trump, Honda Creates Autonomous EV Commuter

published 2 years ago by John McElroy

- Barra Selected to Advise Trump - U.S. Inventory Levels Soar - Cadillac Skips Full Autonomy - Cadillac’s Global Sales Skyrocket - EV Sales Rise - Lear Opens New Design Center - Honda Creates Autonomous EV Commuter - Alfa Shares Resources with Ferrari and Maserati

On today's show in another slap for Donald Trump picks GM's very far out to his advisory board Cadillac turns up its nose and autonomous cars and online daily celebrates its 2000 apesar. All that and more. I'm not. We kick off today by congratulating ourselves on a major milestone this is the 2 thousandth episode all online daily. What are right it's been you know we started in 2008 just as the American auto industry was in a full bore meltdown. We cover Dan how it was restructuring itself. And we feel that we contributed to that recovery. Reporting on new kinds of technologies on materials manufacturing methods and design trends. And now we're going to keep the pedal to the metal to make sure that you are viewers. A better under ...

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