Fox Flash: Protecting against fake news

published 2 years ago by FOX News Channel

Fox Flash: 12/2

Loud and clear heart and here is your fox flash a new approach to fighting fake news on the internet a bright red warning label at the top of some websites that reads this website is not a reliable news source curtain cyber guy joined us earlier to tell us what you need to know. Facebook is caught in this huge dilemma so we've got mark Zuckerberg C. E. O. that has come out and said look we don't like mis information we don't want fake news we know what's on the website but then he also wants to live in this way were used got this other paid away it's like we're not a media site yeah yeah we reach 1.79 0 people who were not a media cycle of course you are but the same time he doesn't want to start putting these labels on the content that's on Facebook but if you don't think that it's actually swaying public opinion you got another thing going on here so if you see that red the red line okay saw that what that really is it it's not bad it's a dell ...

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