AD #1997 – GM Will Lose $9,000 on Every Bolt EV, Tesla Fighter Picks Arizona for Plant, Reducing CAFE Could Hurt Industry

published 2 years ago by John McElroy

- GM Will Lose $9,000 on Every Bolt EV - Akio Toyoda Takes Over Toyota’s EV Efforts - Lucid Motors Chooses Arizona for Factory - London to Ban Diesel Buses from 2018 - Ford Develops Windy Tech for Vans - Elaine Chao Selected as Secretary of Transportation - Reducing CAFE Could Hurt Auto Industry

On today's show GM is going to lose 9 grand and every poll Evey it sells lucid motors picks Arizona to build its Tesla killer. John has. Ideas of how president trump. Deal with fuel economy regulations. All that more coming right up on huddle 90. This is not a line daily the show for enthusiasts of the automotive industry. Well this doesn't look good Bloomberg reports that General Motors is going to lose $9000 on every poll Evey that itself Bloomberg does not say how it reach that number but says it has a source and I quote a person familiar with the matter. Of course losing 9 grand per car is a whole lot better than the $14000 that fiat Chrysler loses on every fiat 500 E. that it sells. Automakers are willing to lose money on electric cars if ...

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