AD #1996 – RV Sales Running Strong, VW to Build All-Electric Bulli Van, Prez Trump Could Give Industry Regulatory Relief

published 2 years ago by John McElroy

- RV Sales Running Strong - Volvo Truck Pulls Paraglider Up Mountain - Meet the New Ford Fiesta - OEMs Team for EU Charging Network - Porsche Sets Lofty Sales Goal for Mission E - VW to Put All-Electric Van Into Production - President Trump Could Give Regulatory Relief

On today's show our views are selling at record levels in the American market several European automakers join forces to building Evey charging network and how Donald Trump to give the auto industry regulatory relief on that mark coming right up. Does not align daily that show for enthusiasts of the automotive industry. Sales of new cars and trucks will probably set another record this year in the American market and so will recreational vehicles sales of our views have been growing for 7 straight years and will top 400000 units by the end of this year there are a number of reasons why they're running so strong everything from cheap gasoline prices to huge numbers of baby boomers retiring but here's one reason that caught our attention. Did you know that the IRS provides a tax deduction on the interest of a loan to buy an RV ...

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