Training with Mules and Mortar - Trident Juncture 2015

published 4 years ago by DVIDS

German Mountain Infantry Battalion 233 from Bad Reichenhall are the only unit in Germany still using pack animals. For the preparation of the LIVEX of Trident Juncture, the mortar platoon of the German Mountain Infantry Battalion 233 learns the disposal of the 120mm mortars with mules. Using reduced combat gear, the unit trains to build the bond between animal and person. Staff Sergeant Weiß is squad leader of a mortar squad and coach the transport and deployment of his mortar by mules . Due to the enormous weight of this mortar, 3 mules are necessary. The animals are lead by qualified staff and secured by the mortar squad. Story by: OF-1 Manuel Schlösser/ CJ OpComm TF/

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