004 - 9 Ways to Get an Immediate Boost of Energy Before You Work

published 4 years ago by Pat Flynn: Online Entrepreneur, Business Strategist and Blogger

Have you ever tried to start working on something you knew you had to do, but you just didn't have the energy to do it?Transition time - the time it takes us to truly get focused on something new after previously doing something else - surprisingly takes up a huge chunk of our day, and can be a total time waster. The quicker you can get into work mode, the better, which is why in Episode #4 of SPI TV I give you 9 things you can do before you jump into work mode, to make sure you have the energy to crush whatever it is you're about to do. A lot of these things I've learned through my own experience, and several I've seen and have heard other people do too. You don't have to do all of them, but incorporating even just one tactic that works for you can have a huge effect on your overall output. 

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