AD #1993 – Average Car Age on the Rise, Qoros Testing Out Cam-Less Engine, Self-Driving Cars Headed to Boston

published 4 years ago by John McElroy

- Average Age of Cars on the Rise - Qoros Testing Camshaft-Less Engine - nuTonomy Signs Autonomous Deal with Boston - BMW and Baidu End Autonomous Partnership - Multimatic’s Amazing Shock Absorber Technology

On today's show despite record new car sales the average age of cars in the American market is getting older Chinese automaker quarrels is developing an engine that doesn't use a camshaft and a new kind of shock absorber that's been developed by a. Highly secretive supplier on that mark coming. Now. This is out of line daily they show for enthusiasts of the automotive industry. As we reported yesterday automakers in the U. S. are still on track to break last year sales record but even though new car sales are at an all time high the average age of passenger cars continues to get older IE chest market reports the average age is now 11.. It's years up from 11.5. And the number of vehicles on the road also hit a record. There are now 264000000 vehicles in the U. S. ...

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