Mortal moose combat, saddest polar bear on the move & a tragic rhino death

published 4 years ago by Earth Touch

The world’s saddest polar bear gets a temporary new home, latest developments in the ‘Cecil the lion’ case, a New Zealand town builds a tunnel for penguins, Cape Town’s shores see a rare whale visitor & two moose lock horns in mortal combat. All those stories and more in this week’s blast of nature news.

This week's episode a rare whale sighting pine size penguins an octopus on the menu starting office some heart breaking news hope the rhino who survived a potion attack back in 2015 has died according to her keepers from saving the survivors the cause is a bacterial infection. Hopes incredible story made her an ambassador for her species and help spread the message about Africa's poaching. Over to Los Angeles where members of pita are calling for an end. Eating like. Korean. Restaurants. Dishes of rising octopus have been on the menu for years and due to a legal loophole in California they fall outside of animal cruelty statute. Check out the unusual visitor that ventured in the Cape town's waterfront harbor in South Africa recently. The smallest among their kinda dwarf sperm whales are rarely seen in shallow waters preferring to stick to the oceans deeper reaches beyond the ...

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