Fox Flash: Veteran gets new lease on life

published 2 years ago by FOX News Channel

Fox Flash: 11/21

Everybody and Steve Doocy with your fox flesh for this Monday an American hero who is given so much for his country now get something in return army combat vet Marco Milosevic and his family in Minnesota meeting with our own Pete had set up in forest lake Michigan in Minnesota that is to say not Michigan Minnesota. The army and I April of 2001 how right before September 11 those is going to be my 4 years and kind of get my college money get out but 911 happened when I was airborne school an arranger Richard I came around and so who wants to go to war has been about 15 months between Iraq and Afghanistan 1212 separate diplomacy months 12 separate deployment. Wow people is there to give Marco and his family a brand new house watch the moment they first laid eyes on their dream home as they moved those trucks. Chart ...

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