Episode 200: "The Amos 'n Andy Show"

published 10 years ago by The BMA

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for having shown your support and interest in the BMA podcast. Over the past 3+ years and 200 episodes this project has been a joy to work on, and to see it's audience grow and spread around the globe has been an exciting and inspiring experience. So again, thank you for taking the time to check out the BMA podcast, please keep sending in your thoughts and ideas, leaving comments, and making this podcast more successful than I could have imagined. I look forward to continuing to share these historic materials with you for another 100. Peace. Episode 200 is the first episode of the first season of "The Amos 'n Andy Show" which was aired Thursdays at 8:30 on CBS beginning in June 1951. It was the first television series with an all-black cast (the only one of its kind to appear on prime-time, network television for nearly another twenty years).

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