AD #1990 – Toyota Strengthens EV Development, Drive For Free…But There’s A Catch, Jaguar Reproduces 1957 XKSS

published 2 years ago by John McElroy

- Toyota Creates Venture Company to Develop EVs - EPA Labels More Accurate - Jaguar Reproduces 1957 XKSS - Acura Reveals Future Interior Design - Drive For Free…But There’s A Catch - Hyundai Shows Off Autonomous Ioniq - VW e-Golf Updates - Mitsubishi Hints at Future Design Direction - Mazda Unveils New Prototype Racecar

On today's show Toyota creates an in house venture to develop DVDs Hyundai reveals an autonomous version of the ionic and more highlights from LA Auto Show all that more coming right up on online daily. This is not a line daily they show for enthusiasts of the automotive industry. Last week we reported about Toyota's plans to introduce appear Evey by 2020 that has at least a 200 mile range and help make that a reality the company is establishing an in house venture company that will be responsible for developing electric cars. The new company will launch next month and also include representatives from suppliers a sin and Denso. Up until now Toyota has put its focus on hydrogen fuel cells instead of battery electric vehicles deeming them the ultimate eco car however the ...

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