Jane Mast Discusses Her Role as SDPA President-Elect and Her Path to Leadership

published 4 years ago by dermcast.tv

Jane Mast, MPAS, PA-C, stopped by the Dermcast studios at the SDPA’s Annual Summer Dermatology Conference 2016 held in Austin, Texas, to discuss her path to leadership positions in the Society.

. Welcome to turn casting yes today we're talking with Jane mass who is our incoming president lack with STP yet welcome thinks. today what we'd like to do is talk a little bit about what your role is with STP a and some of the initiatives and passions you have with our organization I'm a little bit about what you've been doing with STP a in the last few years because you've helped multiple leadership roles yeah I actually started out as a co. Affairs committee. and then I worked on the legislative affairs committee as the committee chair. And then I was on the board of directors at as a director at large the last couple years and solve most recently becoming president. That's fantastic. So. It's a little bit you have a passion for the legislative aspect of that SCPA being a P. a ...

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