Toronto: The Monocle Travel Guide

published 4 years ago by Monocle

Toronto is a city where small businesses thrive and independent retailers are treasured. So hit the streets with our guide to discover the best in fashion, homeware, vinyl and everything in between. Published by Gestalten, *The Monocle Travel Guide to Toronto* is available now at [The Monocle Shop]( .

Mmhm. 212 may post 1 of the world's most famous guidelines but beneath the iconic pinprick of the CN tower now use a burgeoning city that has become 1 of north America's most intriguing and surprising urban centers. Since it's finding on the edge of magnificent make Ontario in 1954 waves of immigrants from around the world smoke tia attracted by the city's tolerant nature and creates a Wagner today more than half of its 2.8000000 residents were born elsewhere. This study versus he reveals itself in one of the most thrilling mixes restaurants boutique hotels cocktail Dawson design studios to be found anywhere in the country. From fashion and home glad to vinyl and books Torontonians are zealous champions of small ...

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