Word on the Street: Nibble

published 4 years ago by Sesame Street

Murray is looking for the word on the street! Today's word is nibble. A nibble is a tiny bite of something. Watch Elmo, his friend Halle Berry, and a tiger demonstrate "nibble" with a slice of pizza. For more videos, games and activities visit SesameStreet.org!

That's me 3 and I'm looking for both ways and never take a little time to buy. Yeah you can never. All kind of things the in the bar. We could take a nibble at of any food maybe that you're trying for the first time just. A little. Listening for the month. Nicole. X.. Hi I'm hal Ammon. And we're here to tell you about the word level. Now enable is a really tiny bite of something. Right now Elmo and I are going to show you someone to take a nipple urges. Well. I don't even know. So we thought it. We think amzn don't. Okay ...

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