2016 Election | Unfilter 212

published 3 years ago by Jupiter Broadcasting

Relive an absolutely historic moment as it unravels in real time. It’s our live election event with our multi-network analysis & relevant news clips from the week mixed in!

It is election night in America can get can I get a kill McDougal please all I ha construct. I'm not breaking news everybody it is election night in America fox news or CNN news alert RT is here everybody's here actually we've got the video wall we're watching a lot of them right now that's right here in the situation complex gang called the room because that's well Sir and it wouldn't be infielder live coverage 2016 without Mister Michael Dominic joining us alright. Hello communists how are welcome and we're good so with watching the network who ordered we've been live now for a couple of hours watching it if networks in the big updates are going to be coming and I all throughout the night we thought pretty soon we talk about who we voted for but we're just minutes away from the next polls clerk pulls closing and we're gonna actually start getting like a big numbers from the east coast as we record right now. I because I it's it while it's 530 on the west coast where chase and I are sitting where Mister Dominic a city and it is a ...

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