AD #1984 – Ferrari Says No to Pure EVs, Tesla Cancels Battery Swaps, How Trump Could Impact the Auto Industry

published 3 years ago by John McElroy

- Tesla Cancels Battery Swaps - Audi’s Impressive Instrument Cluster - Brazil Ready to Rebound - Honda Reveals WR-V - Ferrari Says No to EVs - How Trump’s Win Could Impact the Auto Industry

On today's show Ferrari says it will never come out with an E. V. because it's not part of its DNA test was no longer performing battery swaps in California and how president trump will affect Biondo industry all that and more coming right up on online dating. Not align daily that show for enthusiasts of the automotive industry. Bless your tassel made a big deal over launching a battery swapping pilot program in California were owners can switch out a depleted battery pack with a fully charged one in a matter of minutes the program was only open to invited owners who had to make an appointment for a swap now a website called Tesla Roddy reports that the station is no longer taking appointments. Moon that should really not come as a surprise there were reports that no swats were taking place and even the California air resources board said it would ...

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