AD #1983 – Strong Yen Dents Toyota’s Profits, Local Motors Integrates Drone Into Car, Hyundai Subsidiary Building Wranglers

published 2 years ago by John McElroy

- Strong Yen Puts Dent in Toyota’s Profits - Local Motors Eyes Autonomy and Drones - Strategy Behind Ford’s Performance Unit - Supplier Mobis Expands Beyond Hyundai

On today's show Toyotas profits take a hit because of a strong yen local martyrs integrates a drone into its 3 printing cars and how a subsidiary of Hyundai is helping build jeep Wranglers on that more coming right up online daily. Satellite daily the show for enthusiasts of the automotive industry. As we've reported in the past began can have a big impact on the profits of Japanese automakers the lower the number of yen to the dollar the lower the profits will be and the yen is strong once again and that really put a dent in Toyota's recent quarterly earnings. The company did boost sales one percent to 2.1000000 vehicles. That was the only bright spot. Its revenues dropped nearly 9 percent to $63000000000. Its operating income plunged 42 percent to 4.7000000000 and its net in ...

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