AD #1982 – Prosecutors Investigate VW Chairman, Germany to Produce New Holden Commodore, Toyota Changes EV Strategy

published 2 years ago by John McElroy

- Prosecutors Investigate VW Chairman - VW Extends MQB to Cut Costs - Toyota Changes EV Strategy - Nissan Leaf + Suzuki Savage = Leafy Savage - Germany to Produce New Holden Commodore - Tesla Makes Glass In-House - Lutz Predicts Impact of Car Sharing

On today's show German prosecutors are now targeting Volkswagen's chairman in the emissions scandal Tesla decides to make plans for its cars in a house and Bob Lutz predicts that car sharing will completely change. The automotive industry. All that and more coming right. Online. This is not a like daily the show for enthusiasts of the automotive industry. Even though the Volkswagen emissions scandal broke more than a year ago were a long way from seeing the end of this story now German prosecutors are going after VW's chairman Hans deter poached. They accuse him of not announcing in a timely matter that the company was under investigation that is considered stock manipulation. VW sat on the news for a couple of weeks before admitting that it was caught cheating by the U. S. EPA ...

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