AD #1981 – BMW Says EVs Hurting Profits, U.S. to Build EV Infrastructure, Analytics Presents Big Opportunity For Ford

published 2 years ago by John McElroy

- Germany to Set EV Quotas - BMW Says EVs Hurting Profits - U.S. to Build EV Infrastructure - Ford to Steer Clear of Accidents - Bob Lutz, Model Maker - Data Analytics Presents Big Opportunity For Ford

On today's show German automakers and regulators are gearing up for a war over electric cars forward want your car to steer clear of any accident and did you know that Bob what's is a fanatic for making model cars and planes all that and more coming right up. Online dating. This is Adeline daily to show for it through the house of the automotive industry. The big battle brewing between German automakers and the German government and it all has to do with electric cars. Germany's ministry for the environment wants to establish. Pacific quotas for how many electric cars that oughta makers have to sell in the country specifically 8 percent of their sales would have to be E. vis by 2018. 10 percent by 201912 percent by 2020. There is also a credit scheme so that ...

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