Canada special: get your skates on

published 4 years ago by Monocle

Ice hockey is Canada's national obsession and junior hockey is where the dream of going pro is closest to being realised. Monocle Films heads to London, Ontario, to meet the fans supporting the puck stars of the future.

It's the opening home game of the season for the London knights junior hockey team in London Ontario and spirits are high. That'd be great local watching. Just everything about it we're here to celebrate my sons of birthdays 12. It's just fantastic you're just surrounded the noise is phenomenal. I'm here today to cheer for the likes. The London knights were founded as the London national. In 19. The 5 and become one of the most successful junior hockey teams in Canada. Made in 2005 won the Canadian championship which was hosted right here in this building and the fans flipped. It was just I think ...

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