AD #1979 – U.S. Car Sales Remain Strong, GM Teams Up with Uber, Volvo Shakes Up Production Strategy

published 2 years ago by John McElroy

- U.S. Car Sales Remain Strong - Ford Partners with BlackBerry - Latin America Needs Stronger Safety Regulations - GM Teams Up with Uber - Volvo Shakes Up Production Strategy

On today's show October sales aren't as bad as being reported for expanded partnership with blackberry to include autonomous technology and GM's maven service is teaming up with new her on that more coming right up. Zahn align daily the show for all you enthusiasts of the automotive industry. Automakers revealed U. S. sales numbers from October yesterday and while most are reporting sales were down the market isn't quite as bad as it looks auto maker sold 1.36 0 vehicles last month and while that volume is down about 6 percent compared to a year ago words reports the daily selling rate is actually up 1.5 percent. That's because there were 2 fewer selling days this October compared to last year so if we had those extra days sales would actually be up this month. The sar also remains ...

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