AD #1977 – Mustang + GT = Grand Turismo Tribute, Buick Reveals 1st Avenir Model, Downsizing the GMC Acadia

published 2 years ago by John McElroy

- China Steps Up Hybrid Targets - Buick Reveals 1st Avenir Model - Mustang + GT = Grand Turismo Tribute - BMW M Performance Parts Get SEMA Treatment - Acura Shows Off SEMA Concepts - Downsizing the GMC Acadia

I'm today shall China sites aggressive sales targets for hybrid vehicles insight into why GM decided to downsize the GMC Acadia and we'll take a look at some slick new Seema concepts on that more coming right up on online dating. This is not a line daily the show for all you spooky enthusiasts of the automotive industry. In an effort to reduce pollution in the country China began offering generous subsidies for electric and plug in hybrid vehicles but conventional hybrids like the Toyota Prius were exempt from those incentives. But now Bloomberg reports the government is reversing that policy in is setting aggressive targets for the industry to meet. By the end of the decade China wants hybrids to account for 8 percent of total sales in 2025 that number needs to jump to 20 percent and by 2030 the government ...

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