Hollywood Girl: The Peg Entwistle Story 2018 (OFFICIAL TEASER) (FULL MOVIE on Amazon Prime)

published 3 months ago by G.W. Pomichter

This preview is an OFFICIAL TEASER Hollywood Girl: The Peg Entwistle Story: WATCH ON AMAZONPrime Now: as_sl_pc_as_ss_li_til?tag=hanginwithsho-20&linkCode=w00&linkId=d2f8ada62d63c5d46cd48d617b142cbf&creativeASIN=B07KGLF64C This a 30minute movie that will haunt you for a lifetime! The chilling and tragic tale of broken dreams dashed against the countryside just on the eve of seeing them come true! This speculative biographical film of actress Peg Entwistle, known as the “Hollywood Sign Girl” because of her suicide fall from the HOLLYWOODLAND sign in 1932. IN just 30 minutes, It details her childhood, stage and film career, and her tragic suicide and almost cult-like pop culture status today. Extensively researched this film includes excerpts from Peg's poignant suicide note, and details of her life living in Hollywood, her career and private life, and her final weeks. It also features many of Peg Entwistle’s own words from extant letters to her family. This speculative biopic is an intimate look at a life that included so much hope, talent and promise and was tragically that was sadly defined by its infamously unhappy end. This is a drama that shows the horrors of depression, and suicide, by book ending the tragedy with documented tales of success and a promising career that never came to pass. This dramatic film is in no way based on any single source, but instead on a collection of documented sources, such as newspapers, broadcasts and other open sources. Any and all similarities between this and any other published material on the subject are coincidence and based on the extremely public and well reported and documented true life events depicted. Arcane Pacific Entertainment is an independent film production and distribution company based in L.A., California and is the primary distributor for this film. Now available on Amazon Prime and in Amazon Video on Demand. WATCH the Hangin With Web Show on Youtube & SUBSCRIBE! #Comment #Like #Subscribe

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