AD #1973 – Autonomous Truck Makes a Beer Run, GM Sets Earnings Record, Trucks Struggle on IIHS Headlight Test

published 2 years ago by John McElroy

- Hyundai Executives Take a Pay Cut - Autonomous Truck Delivers Shipment of Beer - GM Sets Earnings Record - FCA Earnings Hold Steady - Toyota Tops CR Rankings - Trucks Struggle on IIHS Headlight Test - Chevy Teams with Carhartt for SEMA - You Said It!

On today's show auto becomes the first company to deliver beer with an autonomous truck GM report strong earnings in the third quarter FCA not so much and most pickup trucks they'll be I I E. Jess's had like passed on that more coming right up on the line do. This is not a line daily they show for enthusiasts of the automotive industry. Bad news for executives at Hyundai. Companies dealing with falling market share in China and South Korea plus slow demand in Russia and Brazil earlier this month it's settled a strike with workers and analysts are predicting the company will report lower than expected third quarter earnings tomorrow thanks to all of that Reuters reports that 1000 executives at 51 of Hyundai groups companies are taking. 10 percent pay cut ...

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