France: Burgundy and the Alps

published 3 years ago by Rick Steves

In this travel lecture, Steve Smith tours Burgundy (with fine wine and cuisine, inviting villages, stately abbeys, and Guédelon Castle) and the French Alps, where Mont Blanc towers over cable cars that zip across the peaks to Italy. Visit for more European travel information.

Stadio is an excerpt from a much longer France travel talk by Steve Smith. To view other topics support to watch Steve's France talking in its entirety. Visit Rick or check out my. Steve's you to. Enjoy. Let's explore the eastern corner up side of this kind. I'm not sure which side of France I like better my houses here in Burgundy region on the eastern side that boy every time I travel to the west the places I'm. That I get to go every year I'm never sure where I'd live if I could choose again. But the eastern side will start in in the Burgundy area uncovered Burgundy in the outbox which enjoying each other. Basically for a great. Central eastern look at this region. The side of France I should say here you go. 2:00 hours by bullet train. 4:00 hours at least by car believe me I know I've done this a lot of times. From Paris airport ...

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