Long Broken SSL History | TechSNAP 289

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Spreading the DDoS Disease & selling the cure, we have the audit results of TrueCrypt’s replacement & a comprehensive history of the most important events that shaped the SSL ecosystem. Plus your great questions, our answers & much... Much MORE!

Nmhg up on this week's episode Technip spreading the de Dios disease and so in the care we call double dipping and we'll tell you all about it on this week's episode plus the audit results of 2 Krups replacement is in and a comprehensive history of the most important events that have shaped the SSL ecosystem plus your great questions are rocking roundup and much much more on this week's episode of Texas. I've won and welcome the text of this episode 289 jeweler broadcasting's weekly systems network and administration podcast this episode is brought to you by our 3 find sponsors DigitalOcean tank and I exist and I'll tell you more about those great sponsors as it's your show goes up over life you well I'm glad you asked all of our downloads and our live stream is brought to you by scale engine. ...

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