AD #1968 – VW Likely to Buy Back Diesels, Ford Shows Impressive Discipline, China’s Micro EVs Could Have Mega Impact

published 2 years ago by John McElroy

- VW Can’t Seem to Come Up with Diesel Fix - Chrysler 300 Has No Replacement Scheduled - Honda Reveals New Compact Crossover - Ford Shows Impressive Discipline - China’s Micro EVs Could Have Mega Impact

On today's show looks like Volkswagen has no clue how to fix its diesel engines in the American market Ford shows impressive discipline in the face of softening sales and China's microcars could revolutionize the electric car market all that more coming right up on online news. Not align daily the show for enthusiasts of the automotive industry. Back in June Volkswagen reached a tentative deal with U. S. regulators to settle its diesel emission cheating scandal it agreed to spend nearly $15000000000 to compensate owners invest in new clean technology and help improve the Eevee infrastructure in the U. S.. VW wants to get final approval of the deal but it still has not come up with a way to fix those engines. But as we've been saying all along there probably isn't a way to fix those cars that would be satisfactory to owners ...

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