AD #1967 – VW Scandal Costs Audi Le Mans Effort, Apple Scales Back Auto Program, The Supercar Anyone Can Drive

published 2 years ago by John McElroy

- Apple Scales Back Auto Program - Don’t Call it AutoPilot - Sales of Semis Struggling - VW Scandal Costs Audi Le Mans Effort - Ford Recycles Design Clay - Red Hot China Will Go Ice Cold - The Supercar Anyone Can Drive

On today's show apple takes an axe to its car program VW's diesel scandal may force Audi ana LeMond and white China's big jumping car sales is going to lead to a big fall all that more coming right up. Not align daily the show for enthusiasts of the automotive industry. As recently as 6 months ago it looked like a giant tech companies of Silicon Valley posed an existential threat to traditional automakers. But now Silicon Valley is discovering just how hard it is to compete in the automotive industry. Bloomberg reports that apple is cutting way back on its plans to develop an autonomous electric car. It cut 120 software engineers and hundreds of mechanical engineers. It's giving up on trying to design its own car and will now concentrate on developing autonomous ...

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